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james payne owner

Hi I’m James, I’m the director of Empire Digital Marketing.

My journey into this line of work was quite different to many other web designers or SEO experts who I’ve worked besides, rather than decide after school that this is what i wanted to do, I was in fact carrying out digital work for my own businesses which turned out to be a great success. When i was asked one day by a friend of mine if I could pass him on the details of who managed my website, he was shocked to discover it was all my own work! After completing his business website alongside building a brand for the company I was being asked by their friends to do their websites and before you know it, history was being made. I decided to enrol in the correct education to expand on the skills I had already learnt from home.

Empire Digital Marketing now takes care of over 600 websites and manages over 300 brands, each company sets out with one main mission in mind, TO GROW….and this is the part that we take care of, Empire takes care of your online presence, enabling you to work on the other important roles inside the business, just make sure you are ready for the extra business that will in turn come your way through your new enlarged digital prominence.

I was able to free myself from the 9-6 grind of working in a shop and now I work remotely visiting customers old and new every day. I am able to fulfil Empire’s main USP by being on hand to speak at any given time if there may be an issue with a site that needs resolving.