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Here is a selection of our recent work we have carried out for clients from various fields, ranging from websites to SEO campaigns to videography projects from our studio.

RTF Networks video tutorials:

The mission was to save a lot of customer confusion and save a lot of call-centre office hours by creating a collection of 20 how-to tutorials, demonstrating how to use telecommunication services from the operating platforms to the phone hardware itself.  First we created the logo animation to fit in with the brand’s existing concept, which would then be added to each video, then we recorded a series of videos in the studio with animation, voiceover and background music.  This would then be uploaded to Youtube and subsequently embedded onto the company website.

Taze Turkish Restaurant website build

Our client Taze Turkish Restaurant already had a restaurant that was open to the public and seemed to be gaining traction in popularity at a slow and steady rate due to already supplying a great quality product.  With this in mind, Empire Digital Marketing were delighted to accept the offer when Taze asked if we would give them an online presence.  We built them a new very simple website from the ground upwards with an introduction, menu and contact details. With analytics we have monitored that the restaurant has received a considerably high amount of extra business through this website, demonstrating that digital marketing is an avenue leading towards your business that you just cannot ignore!

taze logo

                Taze Turkish Restaurant Logo